More to be desired than gold, yeah, much gold (Psalms 19:10). Welcome to the common claypot blog. A blog that’s focused on sharing Christian stories, inspiration and scriptures for the glory and honor of Christ.

My name is Caroline Njeri. I started this blog as a platform for sharing my Christian journey with others. I was inspired by 2 Corinthians 4:7-9 which states that we who have this treasure are but common claypots/jars of clay, to show that supreme power belongs to God, and not us. This blog is a testament to God’s supreme power over my life.

God molds us through His word and with the Holy Spirit, until we become a vessel of praise.

Celebrating GOD’s word Through The Testimonies we Share

Testimonies and words of encouragement are how we keep hope alive! For this we know, God is for us! (Psalms 56:9).