Going To GOD

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Going to GOD is like 

Eating freshly made salad rather than fries, 

Going for a stroll at sunset rather than driving,

There you are stuck in traffic, flushing red, 

A nice walk once in a while, 

Going to GOD is like 

Drinking a bottle of clean water rather than coke, 

They ask you, do you want coke or yoghurt

And you say yoghurt, 

It is like choosing for the first time in years to get some exercise in your routine, 

You knock at your daughter’s door for the first time just for a talk, 

Rather than wake up to ‘how do I make more money today’

You think of noble things,

Going to GOD is choosing to let go of the toxic 

And allowing His word to bring out humanity 

What is all that racket?

Loud metallic music they call it, 

The musician steps on stage and shouts profanities, 

Love became sexual ; no companionship, 

If you take time to think about it, really think about, 

You would end up pitching a tent in the wild, 

Going to GOD is seeking music like the psalms, 

Words that are real, words that heal, 

Going to GOD is learning to set time for work

And time for rest, 

Rather than a room full of clothes, you put on that old denim jeans that still looks good, 

You fix your hair to a bun or cut it, 

Wear a fitting top-that’s it ,

And walk out to the world defiant to its ideologies 

It does not matter how I look on the outside anyway, 

Either that or I am growing old.