Christianity is A Journey

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Christianity is a journey, 

That is the truth, 

It is being born again. 

And as a child is born, there is the season where we crawled, 

And when GOD had had enough with the crawling, he grabbed our hands, 

The clumsy steps of a child at nine months, 

Then came that golden time when we understood,

The One teaching us to walk, 

The One providing for us, 

The One we’ve been crying to when we fall, 

And crying to when in trouble, 

He is Father. 

So came the time when we had to teach our spirits to make words, 

And we said, Papa

Ba-ba, da-dy, Dad. 

We were happy when He smiled back at us

Because we finally knew Him

And as with every journey, there comes a time to grow up,

There comes a time when we have to understand this Father,  

There comes a time when He gets angry, 

There comes a time when we disappoint, 

And like teenagers we tell ourselves many things, 

Maybe this is where we got stuck, 

Lost in the teenage years, 

If this is so, then it is time to go back to school 

And learn about Our Father at the feet of Jesus

I Choose You

Oh LORD, i choose you!
I choose to walk with you!
I’d rather walk with you through the fire!
I’d rather walk with you through the fire!
And the fire won’t consume me!
The storm won’t overwhelm me!
Coz GOD you are with me!
Coz GOD you are near me!
And GOD you consume me!
How your word overwhelms me!
I’d rather walk with you through the fire!
I’d rather walk with you through the fire!
Oh LORD yes, I choose you.

Going To GOD

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Going to GOD is like 

Eating freshly made salad rather than fries, 

Going for a stroll at sunset rather than driving,

There you are stuck in traffic, flushing red, 

A nice walk once in a while, 

Going to GOD is like 

Drinking a bottle of clean water rather than coke, 

They ask you, do you want coke or yoghurt

And you say yoghurt, 

It is like choosing for the first time in years to get some exercise in your routine, 

You knock at your daughter’s door for the first time just for a talk, 

Rather than wake up to ‘how do I make more money today’

You think of noble things,

Going to GOD is choosing to let go of the toxic 

And allowing His word to bring out humanity 

What is all that racket?

Loud metallic music they call it, 

The musician steps on stage and shouts profanities, 

Love became sexual ; no companionship, 

If you take time to think about it, really think about, 

You would end up pitching a tent in the wild, 

Going to GOD is seeking music like the psalms, 

Words that are real, words that heal, 

Going to GOD is learning to set time for work

And time for rest, 

Rather than a room full of clothes, you put on that old denim jeans that still looks good, 

You fix your hair to a bun or cut it, 

Wear a fitting top-that’s it ,

And walk out to the world defiant to its ideologies 

It does not matter how I look on the outside anyway, 

Either that or I am growing old.

Meditating on God in times of Storms

Jehovah Jireh 

One the mountain of GOD; He provides, 

I come to this mountain everyday,

I trust in your hand to provide for me

Jehovah Nissi, 

The LORD is my Banner, 

I do not trust in my mind or my strength, 

I look to you and you give me victory 

Jehovah Gmolah 

The LORD Recompenses, 

All that i have lost; where I fail, 

Help me not to lose my sleep over them, 

For you are the LORD who restores fortunes 

Jehovah Mekoddishkem

The LORD who purifies, 

Many times I said “I shall not sin,”

But I found myself in deep transgression 

I hide myself in you, and you purify me 

El Shaddai, 

The Almighty, 

For all power belongs to GOD, now and forever 

Amen (1 Peter 5:11-13)

I am not ashamed of the Gospel,

For it is the power of GOD for salvation to everyone who believes (Romans 1:16)

And we overcame by the blood of the lamb, by the word of their testimony, 

and they did NOT love their lives to death (Rev 12:11)

Adonai Eloheinu-You Alone Are GOD! My GOD! 

And the only one worthy of the name FATHER

Jesus, go before me, 

Your rod & your staff they comfort me, 

You alone are my Father